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Pusha T - Daytona

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Daytona was Pusha T’s third studio album, released May 25, 2018. It was named after Pusha’s favourite watch, the Rolex Daytona due to its luxurious look and price tag. It was the first of five albums released in Summer 2018 that were executively produced by Kanye West, followed by ‘ye’, ‘KIDS SEE GHOSTS’, ‘NASIR’ and ‘K.T.S.E’.

If You Know You Know – Pusha opens the album with a freestyled hook to directly address the fans. The track is rapped well and has a great, futuristic sounding beat with a focus around drugs, namely cocaine. By addressing the fans directly, it gives the track more of an aggressive feel, but it works very well. Overall a very strong opening.

The Games We Play – This track focuses on drug dealing and brags amount the amount of money he has made/is making. He also directly addresses some of his influences such as Kanye and N.W.A. The song feels a bit jumbled and its not Kanye’s best production. But the flow remains top tier.

Hard Piano (ft Rick Ross) – This is not a good song in my opinion. The beat feels rough and the chorus is just weird. The Rick Ross verse is bad, sounding off beat. The melody is ok but the rapping hits a low on this track.

Come Back Baby – From a low to a high. The classic Kanye sample sets up the song very well. The hard beat fits well with Pusha’s style and the chorus is very good. Kanye’s production hits a high on this track as well as Pusha’s rapping. The title of the song refers to drugs rather than a woman as this track focuses on addiction and the longing for drugs.

Santeria – Pusha’s flow remains great on this track with echo effects to emphasize words and also add to the darker effect the track is going for. The refrain from 070 Shake is very good and gives the song an even darker feel for the following verse, which is my favourite verse on the album. The track ends with Pusha rapping over what sounds like a 70s detective show theme as if he’s proving a point about how he’s the best at what he does.

What What Meek Do? (ft Kanye West) – Like on every album he executively produced in Summer 2018; Kanye has a rapping feature on Daytona. The track shows how Pusha and Kanye respond to critics. Pusha states that he’s the best at what he does. Kanye’s verse starts with an interpretation of his single ‘Lift Yourself’ which was a song directed at Kanye’s critics. The beat is good, and the rapping is solid from both.

Infrared – After Daytona, Pusha and Drake had tracks attacking each other, such as ‘Duppy Freestyle’ from Drake and the much better ‘The Story of Adidon’ from Pusha. This last track starts that beef with Pusha basically saying that Drake makes catchy songs which he doesn’t write himself, not real rap/hip-hop. The track is dark and sounds like Pusha is coming to attack Drake. It’s a track to intimidate Drake but I’m not really sure it adds anything to the album despite the fact it’s produced and rapped very well.

Overall Thoughts – For the most part, Daytona is hard-hitting with aggressive, well-produced beats. When the songs were produced well, Pusha rapped better over the beats. The listener is addressed directly multiple times which adds to the aggressiveness of the album and I think it works well. It’s fairly consistent apart from the low of ‘Hard Piano’ which definitely could’ve been worked on more. The features were great and well-placed apart from that, including 070 Shake’s first appearance of the Summer on one of the five albums produced by Kanye, she would go onto appear on the next three as well.

Favourite Track – Come Back Baby

Great Tracks – If You Know You Know, Santeria, What Would Meek Do?

Good Track – Infrared

OK Track – The Games We Play

Least Favourite Track – Hard Piano

RATING – 8.0

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